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Вакансия «Юрисконсульт»

Расположение работы : Астана Дата открытия : 24 Мая 2013
Тип работы : Постоянная Дата окончания : 1 Августа 2013
Статус работы : Полный


Требования к соискателю

Требуемые языки : Английский, Казахский
Компьютерные программы : MS Office
Positiondescription – Accountabilities

The position is accountable for managing the timely and cost effective delivery of high quality legal advice and services in accordance with policies, practices, standards and procedures, including:
Follow the development of relevant new legislation and legal practices in Kazakhstan and advises the Kazakhstan Country Chair, the AGC UI–JV’s, UIN Vice Presidents and SKD managers and departments heads accordingly.
Promote (legal) compliance within SKD and safeguard company’s reputation on a country wide basis and in particular support the SKD organisation in compliance with (local and international) Anti Bribery and Corruption and Competitions laws
Prepare and play a central role in support of the negotiations of various contractual and legal agreements with a variety of stakeholders in Kazakhstan.
Identify and mitigate legal risks for issues that arise in the context of (multi sector) business operations in Kazakhstan
Take responsibility for procurement, appointment and management of external counsel and manage dispute resolution and litigation in consultation with the AGC UI–JV’s
Ensure Group governance policies are implemented and risks minimised for Kazakhstan and the company; provide assistance where policies may require amendment for country requirements
Member of the SKD Crisis Response Team and legal adviser to and a member of the Contract Board and of any Compliance Committees, as appropriate,
Ensure and enhance the use of well balanced and fit for purpose contract documents by promoting, revising and expanding company’s Standard Terms and Conditions in use within SKD in conformity with Group policies and guidelines.
Maintains and develops appropriate external contacts and plays an active role in the local legal community
Position description – Special Challenges

Being a new position, the successful candidate will need to establish an effective in-house legal office, setting up and implementing appropriate and necessary procedures and processes. A wide variety of legal and business issues will require excellent legal and organisational skill.

Experience and Qualifications required

Constructive and pragmatic;
Excellent spoken and written Kazakh, Russian and English
Preferably experience in dealing with Governments and national oil companies
4-6 years legal experience, including experience in the oil and gas industry, international energy projects and international contracts
Kazakh J.D. and preferably international LL.B or equivalent law degree
Excellent team player, know when to seek advice and support and able to develop and sustain relationships with colleagues at all levels
Able to develop and implement legal compliance programmes and policies
Able to handle complex government and partner relations, and to gain trust
Strong interpersonal, leadership and engagement skills
Fully aware of and sensitive to local culture, understanding local drivers, values and relationships

Контактная информация

Компания:Check Point Central Asia, ТОО, г. Алматы

ул. Каирбекова, д. 61 (бывшая ул. Талгарская), уг. ул. Толе би
тел. + 7 (727) 259 8888


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